Jan 15 - Going south

Long time no hear…. Sorry guy’s for that, but we have not had any comunication possibilities with you until now. So, what has happened these past days? Phuuu, do not know were to start…

Ok, Blyde River Canyon were cloudy but when we arrived to the, accordingly to the guide book, most scenic spot of them all within the area, the clouds were gone. Lucky us !! It was really beatyful and worth the drive. From Blyde River Canyon we went towards Kruger National Park (KNP). All our problems with reservations were solved and the plan was two nights within the park and two on a private game lodge. We spent the night in Hazyview in a big bungalow. Really nice place with mango trees in the garden (yes, we could eat as much as our stomachs could manage) and a superb kitchen (we were not cooking ourselves) and warning signs for hippos exploring the grounds.

Jan 11 we left Rissington Hotel at 06.00 for entering the KNP and left it the 13th. We have seen so many animals it would be a diary of its own to tell you about it. Anyway, in KNP we managed to see 4 out of the “Big 5″, B.R. E. L.L (=buffalo, rhino, elephant, lion, leopard). The first day we saw elephant and rhino. Amazing how big the are ! Day two we saw the buffalo and after a long search we finally found the cats, at least the lion, but we were happy and satisfied. Now we could go home.. What can we tell more about the park? Early mornings and hot days for sure. We were up at 04.00 and drove around for approx 11 hours every day in 38C. It’s hard work beeing a tourist….(Kraft folks…can you belive Eli is up that early??).

Jan 13 we left the KNP at 10.30 after 5 hours of driving without seeing any animals. We headed for Elephant Plains Game Lodge (EPL), looking for profesional help in finding animals. We were still missing the LEOPARD..

Arriving at EPL after hard work in KNP was a relaxing experience. Plenty of staff serving you all the time from that you stepped on their ground until you left. Schedule of the EPL was such;

  • 05.00 knock on the door.
  • 05.20 coffee/tea at the veranda before going on safari
  • 05.30-09.00 safari
  • 09.00 breakfast
  • Then relaxing till 14.00 when lunch was served
  • Relaxing again until 16.30
  • 16.30 safari
  • 21.00 dinner and then straight to bed.
  • Next day the same!

    So, did we see the leopard? YEEEEEES!!!!!! What an animal !! Fantastic!! What can we say?! Can not find the words for it !! We made the “Big 5″ !!

    We left EPL today and we are now heading for Swaziland. We are right now in Nelspruit but we will try to find accomodation in Barberton close to the border after a cup of coffee and tea.

    So, until next time !!

    /Eli & Johan

    P.S The weather is cooler now comparing to KNP. From 38C dow to “only” 25C…

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