Travel diary

This site is a travel diary for Johan and Eli. This is the place where we try to put information about our trips and file reports during them. This is of course if we can find a place to access the internet - but I guess this is possible in most parts of the world today. At least in the parts that we choose to travel!

As we get closer to our trip to South Africa (ok, it’s only seven days left) we’ll try to post some more information on how the planning is progressing. Feel free to post comments or tips to this site (navigate to a post and look at the bottom - there you’ll find a comment form. If you wan’t to send a private message to us that’s OK, the comments are “reviewed” bu us before posted live for everyone to see.)

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  1. Ludde Says:

    Tack för SMS och resejournalen. Hemma hos oss och er allt väll. Farmor är informerad. Verkar att ni har fullt upp. Kör försiktig och fortsätt att ha det bra.

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